Project Manager - Medicaid Projects
Raleigh, NC

PM, PMP, Medicaid

Data Concepts seeks a Project Manager (PM) to join the Medicaid Enterprise System Replacement Project. PM and Business Analyst (BA) expertise are key.


  • The Implementation Project Manager (IPM)  will be responsible for leading the efforts associated with procurement, design, development and implementation of modular IT systems.
  • This role is focused on managing and monitoring integration efforts and compliance.
  • Participation in drafting procurement documentation, Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Information (RFIs), or Invitation For Bid (IFBs) are key procurement tools in use.
  • Interface with business stakeholders will occur daily.
  • The IPM will be accountable for the outputs required to ensure the impact of new or upgraded IT systems is effectively managed to support the delivery of desired business and technology outcomes.
  • The role will work with the business change and process improvement teams to support and guide them through the required steps.
  • The IPM will monitor, track, schedule, document, assess quality, and articulate the way changes affect the users on a day-to-day basis and ensure that thorough testing of systems and scenarios occurs throughout the implementation.
  • This role will also support the federal certification exercise and associated planning processes.
  • ITSM knowledge and working in a multi-vendor matrixed resource environment are paramount as well.

 Dana Chava 804.968.4700