Project Manager - Infrastructure
Lansing, MI

Project Manager, Infrastructure, COTS, Agile

Data Concepts is seeking a Project Manager experienced with large enterprise-wide Infrastructure and COTS projects.

These projects may include large application development efforts, smaller utility development, purchase and implementation of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, infrastructure projects, and maintenance or enhancement projects.

This Project Manager role encompasses:

  • Responsible for facilitating the development of project scope definitions.
  • Maintain project level budgets, set standards for project level budget data reporting, and create reports of projects level budgets. These reports will be produced for the executive level management as well as detailed level reports on an as needed basis.
  • Create project level risk and issue management plans. They will coordinate and produce project level resource reports.
  • Create and maintain a business plan and return on investment data for projects.
  • Assign work to project team member to meet project or program objectives.
  • Establish and monitor program or project priorities, objectives, and procedures, determining area objectives, targets of service, and resource needs allocation.
  • Utilize Agile/Scrum approach to managing projects.

Seeking candidates who are residents of or local to Lansing, MI

 Dana Chava 804.968.4700